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Convergence - I looked at this web page:

It was difficult finding a good article about convergence, but I thought this one was interesting. The article talks about the United States (US), Europe, and environmentalist groups think about convergence. The US thinks of “convergence as NBIC (the integration of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology and Cognitive Science).” The idea is to make superior humans that are both “life and non-life.” It sounds super creepy and maybe a bit mad scientist-ish.
Europe thinks of convergence as a cure all for mankind but is aware of the danger it poses to life as we know it. 
Environmentalist groups call convergence BANG which stands for “bits, atoms, neurons and genes.” In 2003, they believed that BANG would change the worlds “economies, trade, and livelihoods.” They were right. Convergence has changed the worlds ability to make food and help people. I think convergence has had many b…
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Internet surveillance, does it help or harm? It starts off minor with data mining searches for ads. We've all seen an ad on Facebook for something we searched for on Google or Amazon. This can be helpful in finding who sales something or finding a price comparison. What about the ability to use voice recognition to scan networks, turn computer and cell phone cameras on, turn microphones on. Is this only being done for protection? Who has the ability to do this? Email content can be changed mid-route. Personal information such as password and credit card information can be stolen.

We have entered a world that requires the user to ask, what is privacy? Does it exist? Is internet surveillance used by the government only? Is it for our protection? Every day, huge amounts of information is stolen and or misused. What about the dark web? The fact is, if someone wants to find you, you can be found. If someone wants to know everything about you, the information is out there. If someone …